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2014: The year of dreams and fears

27 Dec

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-27 om 21.21.51

It’s the end of another year.

2014 wasn’t that mainstream for me though…. So many things have happened that have put my inner world upside down. Most of the stuff were shown on my blog and other sorts of (social) media. The fact is that oversharing is my middle name… It’s my way of expressing and releasing feelings and ideas. But there were some more private moments that changed me as well, that had a huge impact on me and I couldn’t really share with you guys. Things that turned me into another woman….

So ending my year in pure and raw honesty…. My 5 defining moments of 2014, chronologically and in Instagram style…..

1. Sometimes I get these crazy ideas. All of a sudden. While taking a bath or changing a tire. IMG_3461One of these ideas grew into something pretty extraordinary….

So I wanted to do a small shoot for the blog with those amazing Prima Donna swimwear pieces. A magazine and newspaper picked it up and published it on the cover of and inside their ‘curvy’ issue. The reactions were unbelievable! By the way, how cool is it to hear that the magazine and newspaper reached almost 1 million readers with this edition! And although I was/am really happy with the pictures, inside I was slowly dying from anxiety. You can never really tell how people receive stuff like this….

Behold my swimsuit special!

Sabine goes covergirl

Sabine goes covergirl



2. She is the cutest, most beautiful and playful creature I have ever met…. People, in march, my godchild Elise got born, and this mini person transformed my life! I’ll always cherish the fact that my best friend Annemie, who I know since kindergarden, noticed how much love I have for children but that I’ll probably never be physically able to have my own. I hope, in the following years, that I can be there for this little girl every time she needs me. That she can grow up with a healthy dose of humor and self-confidence. I love her till the end and further…

10152857_10151937905181496_1732504387_nIMG_3743 IMG_4434 IMG_6023 IMG_8318 IMG_7167

3. One of my wishes is to be able to travel more. Well, 2014 gave me a little taste of this already. Het Nieuwsblad Magazine offered me, together with photographer Kris De Smedt, stylist Erik Vernieuwe and sommelier Alain Boeykens, the chance to go to Chili to shoot Belgian TVstar Tom Waes, and his lovely fiancee Mieke. On behalf of Torres Wines we lived the life of gods with amazing excursions, diners and drinks. Oh my, the fun we had, you have no idea!

IMG_3758IMG_3857IMG_3879 IMG_3828 IMG_3927 IMG_4286IMG_4109

4. So Chili was awesome, but the experience ended with a big downer: I came home to the news that the doctors diagnosed my dad with cancer. This was such a shock. My parents are my everything, they always support me in every way possible. And just the thought of one of them being this ill, shut me down. I forced myself to focus on my work, couldn’t face my emotions. At this very moment, I still find it difficult to accept. Luckily the doctors were able to remove the whole tumor, and my dad is back as vibrant as ever. Fingers crossed that it stays this way.

This year I realized once again how important health is. It’s everything, really everything! All of a sudden, the materialistic (overly pr’d) side of blogging started to irritate me. Is this it? Is this even of any importance? I miss humanity and realness. Real passion! I can not be happy anymore with the image of a beautiful handbag of 5000 euro or another talentless person taking over Instagram.

Beautyblogging has been amazing, and I still love writing and sharing. But I want to change it up.

Don’t get me wrong, make up still makes me creative, it’s my job and passion, and it will probably always stay that way. I’m addicted to it. But I wanna be and do more. Usefulness. Helping people by spreading positive messages. Using my ‘power’ for good stuff, not just to receive gifts or earn money.

While still wrapping my mind around all of what has happened this year, I’ll be choosing for being around my friends and family instead of attending another store opening. It’s cool and fun to be at certain events, it really is. You can experience someone’s new start and that’s major. But at this very moment, I can’t do it anymore. I’m going for health, friends, family, cosyness, real warmth, my job and spreading the body diversity-word.


With my sweetest friend Sigrid ❤


My best friend Annemie with Elise ❤


Meet…. Kobe, big bro of my godchild Elise, and always surprised by my kisses ❤


My two favourite models…. Crazy girls and sweet friends Stéphanie and Paulien ❤


With my gorgeous parents (aka De Ludo and De Maria)…. They always have my back ❤


With my brother Kris, who is a so special! My biggest fan by all means ❤

5. And so we’ve come to my final defining moment of 2014: My book Make Up (@Lannoo). My written baby. I could have never imagined the meaning of it all. And your reactions were, and still are, amazeballs! Let’s pray the success story of Make Up gets a tail 😉

Especially now, during the christmas holidays, I feel the extra warmth of you guys, and you have no idea how it affects me! Book by book, we’re spreading the love for beauty and our bodies. Every small article in a magazine, every feature, every Instagram post, I cherish so much…. Gratefulness does not even start to cover my feelings…


The moment I held my baby in my arms…. Very very weird feeling!


Emotional speech at my book launch


They couldn’t even wait before the time they got home to read it 🙂


Two of my girls ❤


Joy Anna Thielemans and I, signing at Flair Shopping Day


Metro magazine


Het Nieuwsblad magazine


Glamour magazine


Steps magazine


Feeling magazine


Signing session @Antwerp Book Fair


Having an open discussion on beauty @Antwerp Book Fair

And so we’ve arrived at the moment where we make resolutions…..

Mine are: More exercise, no more wrong men (my god, I had my fair share of them this year) and following my heart….

Tell me yours, babes! I’m so curious 😉



Moodboard Monday

13 Oct

I’m a make up artist that works with emotions… It’s not all about technique.

So when I prepare myself for a photoshoot, I rather prefer to create a moodboard instead of a face chart….

That’s why I’m launching a new category on my blog…. Moodboard Monday!


Today’s mood: Airy, free, nature, openness, colourful, greatness


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Crazy about my readers – The Antwerp Book Fair

11 Oct

2,5 weeks it has been… My baby is growing up 🙂

‘Make Up’ is discovering the world, and I think it’s enjoying the wild ride!

By the way, have I told you that I have the greatest readers ever?

Sending me flowers, bottles of wine, cards, presents, and the CUTEST instagrams! I really adore these little moments you girls are sharing with me, where you are reading my book and applying the looks I explain. What more can I wish for!

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-11 om 14.28.40

Crazy about my readers ❤


To enjoy more of your loyalty and enthusiasm, I’ll be present at the Antwerp Book Fair!

Crazy actually, if you think about it. My whole childhood and teenage years I went to this oversized book fair with my dad (call it a precious daughter/daddy moment), snuggling with books, discovering new names, intoxicated by the smell of paper, ink and cheap coffee. banner-boekenbeurspagina_8

And now, I’m sitting there, hopefully talking to lots of beauty lovers and signing all of your books!

So how does my agenda looks like?

On the 4th of november there will be an open interview at 8pm with yours truly about my book ‘Make Up’, beauty, and body image! Followed by an signing session ofcourse!

On the 8th of november, from 3 ’till 6pm,  it’s practical make up time baby! You can find me at the Lannoo’s, applying beauty products on your beautiful faces! So drop by for that cool shade of lipstick, or smoldering smokey eye! You’re more than welcome! Afterwards I’ll be signing your books again 😉

See you all there!

And to get your fine asses over there, I’ve received 25 duo tickets for the Antwerp Book Fair to hand out to you! Check this link to find out how to win these tickets! Good luck!





You wanna buy my book? #readersdiscount

28 Sep

Hi my lovely readers,

What a week it was…. I have no words to describe the importance of the launch of my first book ‘Make Up’… I had 3 months to create my personal bible. Three months. A period filled with lots of ‘normal’ work, photoshooting trips and worrying about my dad (who was really ill, but is totally ok now). And in the meantime there was this book, that took form. I literally worked day and night to put my heart in it. Crazy times!

So it’s no surprise the launch of my book felt like giving birth and having a wedding at the same time.

And it turned out to be a fantastic night! My god!
I don’t even know where to start! So maybe these pictures can give you an idea….

(P.S.: Don’t forget to scroll down for a little surprise ;-))



Hey, and what do you think of my gorgeous dress of Curvies and accessories of Lily and the lady!

Nowwwwww, it’s present time!!!

If you use this link, you’ll receive a 15% reduction on the online purchase of my book Make Up! Holla to that, right!!

Kisses to everybody from a proud proud mom 😉




Sabine x Lannoo = Beautybook!

30 Jun

Ok, dearest readers, my amazing followers, Portret zwartwit kopie

It is finally time to get the word out:

There will be a book. A beauty book.

A dream has come true and, oh my gosh, I’m getting more and more nervous thinking about the launch of this make-up bible. I’m hoping and praying that you will all cherish my writings… They’re so personal… No ghostwriting, no guest editors, nor copywriters. It is all done the Sabine-way! I’m giving you my opinions, beauty habits, my tips&tricks…

How crazy is the fact that my job and blog got me to this amazing point!? Talking about NEVER GIVING UP on your dreams, goals, fantasies and passions! Finally my stubborn and overly passionate character is paying off 😉

I’m still a little bit amazed by all the confidence put in me by publisher Lannoo… I’ll never forget this…Love you long long time, guys…

Well babes, that’s it for now. But keep a close eye on my blog, so you don’t miss the details on the process and launch of the book!

To lift a little corner of the veil….. Some backstage pictures (with some of my BEAUTIFUL models!!)…







So what kind of bride do you want to be?

4 Jun

I have a thing for weddings.

When I was a little girl, the fantasy of meeting my Prince Charming and marrying him in a very Sisi way , made me twirl of excitement.

And euhm… It goes further than that…I think I know every episode of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ by heart, and I even window show at Kleinfeld every other week.

In the midst of this crazy seasonal obsession I started pinteresting a bit and bumped into hundreds of beautiful bridal looks. My head started spinning… I couldn’t choose only one look for my imaginary wedding! I wanted at least two different styles… Or three…. Or, oh what the fuck, I wanted it all!

To keep myself sane, I ordered my favorite looks into three categories.

1. The Boho Bride

  • She has a chill vibe and ease to it.
  • Her make-up is personal and sunny, without a lot of colour. She makes use of earthy tones and little, subtle details.
  • She often takes  funny and flowery accessories to upgrade the hair.
  • Her hairdo is kinda loose, with natural curls or braids added
The Boho Bride

The Boho Bride

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-04 om 16.08.40

The Boho Bride


2. The Retro Bride

  • She is influenced by the vintage style of the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s.
  • Her make-up is quite strong. Think red lips, fake lashes and eyeliner, or a heavy, rounded smokey eye.
  • This bride likes a more theatrical look with a strong wave in her hair. It is very important for this look to hire a hairdresser that is familiar with the techniques!


The Retro Bride

The Retro Bride

The Retro Bride

The Retro Bride


3. The Classic Bride

  • This girl goes for a classic, more mainstream wedding, with little moviestar influences.
  • To pimp this look you can go for a bigger bun or add a braid to it.
  • Make-up rule numéro uno: Never let make-up make you unrecognizable for the groom!
The Classic Bride

The Classic Bride

The Classic Bride

The Classic Bride

New chapters in life

28 May

Dearest readers, the loves I left behind for some time,

You must have noticed the big gap in my timeline on the blog.

Although I had a couple of very good reasons why I didn’t have the time to really concentrate on blogging, still I felt guilty for letting you down. I’m so sorry guys…

But I’m back! Back to overwhelm you with beauty inspiration and personal fait divers!

So what went on in my life these last couple of months?

A lot!

I’ve been working like crazy. Most of the time on set here in Belgium. But I also had the chance to take a trip to Chili with photographer Kris Desmedt, stylist Erik Vernieuwe, tv-maker Tom Waes and his fiancée Mieke. Where we were shooting for Het Nieuwsblad magazine.


Chili times

Chili times, good times

Chili times, good times

Chili times, female power times

Chili times, good times

Chili times, culinary times


Chili times, good times

Chili times, Andes times


Chili times

Chili times, backstage times


Chili times

Chili times, painful times


Chili times

Chili times, posing times


Chili times

Chili times, overwhelming times

Chili times

Chili times, Valparaiso times (sadly this city burned down two weeks after our visit)


Chili times

Chili times, Tom Waes times


Chili times

Chili times, selfie times


I know, it looks like we haven’t really been working during the trip…. It didn’t really feel like intens labour, and that’s the least I can say. If you click well with a bunch of people, every day is a beautiful day and nothing feels like working…. Thank you Het Nieuwsblad, for making this possible!

And talking about this magazine… have you noticed this foxy covergirl, two months ago?

Sabine goes covergirl

Sabine goes covergirl


Yes babies, that’s me, talking about my curves and showing them off in the latest PrimaDonna Swimwear collection!

The reaction on the shoot was overwhelming… Some positive, some negative. But it got people talking about a realistic body image, and that’s what matters the most! The pictures were taken by friend and photographer Sam De Backer, and my beautiful make-up got created by Aurélie Van Hauter! ❤

You wanna see how it went on backstage at the shoot?

Here we go….



And then there was this other big new chapter that opened…. My godchild got born!! Her name is Elise and she is the cutest, most beautiful little princess I have ever met. Loving her so much…

To top this post off, I’ve got for you a whole bunch of beauty (backstage) pictures of shoots I did since january!

All my love,

P.S.: I really am so happy to be back!