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Lana Del Rey – a look to copy

9 Dec

In the ’90, there was ‘The Rachel’. A couple of years ago, we had ‘The Victoria’. Last year, every teenager wanted th LA-look of Blake Lively, and last summer, I personally tried ‘The Freja’.

Now, let me tell you: 2012 is all gonna be about “The Lana Del Rey”! Lana’s pouty look and wavy hair reminds me of a modern day Nancy Sinatra, with a hint of an early Joanna Lumley. Which is never a bad comparison!

Nancy Sinatra in the sixties

Joanna Lumley

To be honest, Lana’s music doesn’t make me feel hot,  nor cold, but I surely love the image she created around herself.

I’ve always been in love with wavy hair. And I’m not talking about the cheezy-britney-extensions-hairdo! I prefer it round, and styled, soft and bouncy. Like a slide, next to your face…

Copy the look, I’d say!

All my love,