Mean Girls

26 Feb

How charming, strong and disarming was Patricia Arquette last week at the Oscars? How sharp and on point was Emma Watson during her speech several months ago? And how incredibly brave and smart is the seventeen-year-old Malala Yousafzai for her ongoing battle against the suppression of women in muslim countries?

How much do we love these women, fighting for the equality we all deserve?

We applaud them, we support them, and find comfort in the fact that the ‘battle’ goes on and will never fade out until men and women are considered equal on every field!

Hooray for that! (enter battle cry here)

But then why are we, women and girls, so hard for EACHOTHER? We strive so hard for equality towards men, that we forget the harshness we handle in our relationships amongst eachother.

Kim Kardashian? “Just a big-booty chick that got famous because of her sex tape.”

Lena Dunham? “Too ‘fat’ to show her flesh on tv!”

And Oh my god, Jessica Simpson couldn’t get rid of her post-pregnancy body in a month! Let her burn in hell!

These are just a few exemples of the meanness we handle on a currently basis.

We don’t seem to be good in handling the success of other women. Professionally nor privately.”A ‘big’ girl with a model-like man? She must just be going down really well!”

And if I’m being honest I must admit, on a really bad day, I get just as vicious….

In these weak moments I condemn Madonna for acting too young for her age, I criticize Kendall Jenner for being a topmodel. Feeling kinda ashamed for acting and thinking like that afterwards….

Bitterness is such an ugly characteristic, and pops up more than it should.

Feminism says:” We all have the right to make the choices we want! And we shouldn’t be turned down by men for it.”

Well babes, let’s expand this slogan. “We all have the right to make the choices we want! And we shouldn’t be turned down by ANYONE for it.”

Let’s skip bitterness and gossip. Let’s leave people alone that live a life we don’t fully approve. If they don’t hurt anyone by being who they are, we don’t have the right to shoot them. Let’s laugh with each other, and put a little satire into perspective. My god, how good must that feel!?

You want freedom? GIVE freedom.

You want equality? Treat everyone as your companion, or live and let live.

You want acceptance? Be proud of the accomplishments of others first.

I gonna make it my mission to apply these rules from now on because just don’t want to become a hostile, witty, ugly person. I just don’t.

Are you joining me?

Lots of sweet kisses,



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