Crazy about my readers – The Antwerp Book Fair

11 Oct

2,5 weeks it has been… My baby is growing up 🙂

‘Make Up’ is discovering the world, and I think it’s enjoying the wild ride!

By the way, have I told you that I have the greatest readers ever?

Sending me flowers, bottles of wine, cards, presents, and the CUTEST instagrams! I really adore these little moments you girls are sharing with me, where you are reading my book and applying the looks I explain. What more can I wish for!

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-11 om 14.28.40

Crazy about my readers ❤


To enjoy more of your loyalty and enthusiasm, I’ll be present at the Antwerp Book Fair!

Crazy actually, if you think about it. My whole childhood and teenage years I went to this oversized book fair with my dad (call it a precious daughter/daddy moment), snuggling with books, discovering new names, intoxicated by the smell of paper, ink and cheap coffee. banner-boekenbeurspagina_8

And now, I’m sitting there, hopefully talking to lots of beauty lovers and signing all of your books!

So how does my agenda looks like?

On the 4th of november there will be an open interview at 8pm with yours truly about my book ‘Make Up’, beauty, and body image! Followed by an signing session ofcourse!

On the 8th of november, from 3 ’till 6pm,  it’s practical make up time baby! You can find me at the Lannoo’s, applying beauty products on your beautiful faces! So drop by for that cool shade of lipstick, or smoldering smokey eye! You’re more than welcome! Afterwards I’ll be signing your books again 😉

See you all there!

And to get your fine asses over there, I’ve received 25 duo tickets for the Antwerp Book Fair to hand out to you! Check this link to find out how to win these tickets! Good luck!






2 Responses to “Crazy about my readers – The Antwerp Book Fair”

  1. ansostroo 12/10/2014 at 7:54 PM #

    Hey Sabine,

    Vandaag je boek gekocht.. En al volledig uitgelezen. Zelf ben ik schoonheidsspecialiste en gepassioneerd door make-up. Jouw boek is inspirerend, duidelijk & de visuals zijn prachtig!!!

    Hopelijk kan ik je ooit ontmoeten. Graag wens ik je veel succes toe & keep up the good work!


    • Sabine Peeters 12/10/2014 at 11:28 PM #

      Hoi lieve An-Sofie!
      Zo zo fijn dat je mijn boek hebt gekocht én er zo van geniet!
      Make-up is zo een boeiende vorm van uitdrukking, dus ik begrijp jouw passie hélemaal 😉
      Als je je boek graag laat signeren, kom dan zeker langs mn stand op de Boekenbeurs!
      Heel veel liefs,

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