New chapters in life

28 May

Dearest readers, the loves I left behind for some time,

You must have noticed the big gap in my timeline on the blog.

Although I had a couple of very good reasons why I didn’t have the time to really concentrate on blogging, still I felt guilty for letting you down. I’m so sorry guys…

But I’m back! Back to overwhelm you with beauty inspiration and personal fait divers!

So what went on in my life these last couple of months?

A lot!

I’ve been working like crazy. Most of the time on set here in Belgium. But I also had the chance to take a trip to Chili with photographer Kris Desmedt, stylist Erik Vernieuwe, tv-maker Tom Waes and his fiancée Mieke. Where we were shooting for Het Nieuwsblad magazine.


Chili times

Chili times, good times

Chili times, good times

Chili times, female power times

Chili times, good times

Chili times, culinary times


Chili times, good times

Chili times, Andes times


Chili times

Chili times, backstage times


Chili times

Chili times, painful times


Chili times

Chili times, posing times


Chili times

Chili times, overwhelming times

Chili times

Chili times, Valparaiso times (sadly this city burned down two weeks after our visit)


Chili times

Chili times, Tom Waes times


Chili times

Chili times, selfie times


I know, it looks like we haven’t really been working during the trip…. It didn’t really feel like intens labour, and that’s the least I can say. If you click well with a bunch of people, every day is a beautiful day and nothing feels like working…. Thank you Het Nieuwsblad, for making this possible!

And talking about this magazine… have you noticed this foxy covergirl, two months ago?

Sabine goes covergirl

Sabine goes covergirl


Yes babies, that’s me, talking about my curves and showing them off in the latest PrimaDonna Swimwear collection!

The reaction on the shoot was overwhelming… Some positive, some negative. But it got people talking about a realistic body image, and that’s what matters the most! The pictures were taken by friend and photographer Sam De Backer, and my beautiful make-up got created by Aurélie Van Hauter! ❤

You wanna see how it went on backstage at the shoot?

Here we go….



And then there was this other big new chapter that opened…. My godchild got born!! Her name is Elise and she is the cutest, most beautiful little princess I have ever met. Loving her so much…

To top this post off, I’ve got for you a whole bunch of beauty (backstage) pictures of shoots I did since january!

All my love,

P.S.: I really am so happy to be back!



2 Responses to “New chapters in life”

  1. 28/05/2014 at 8:19 PM #

    Hoeraaaa! Je bent terug! Je Chili-reis zag er echt zò leuk uit! 🙂

  2. Lief 01/06/2014 at 8:43 PM #

    Thank god for Prima Donna 😀


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