New must visit: Alex&Ed Studio

15 Dec


I’ve been away for some time.

Waiting for a story that would grab me by the imaginary balls, and shake me up.

Because let us be honest. Words have no meaning without the proper enthusiasm.


Alex, Ed and I

Now, was I one happy trooper when the news got confirmed that the hair salon of make-upartist Alex Valverde and hairstylist Ed Moelands got open for business!

From the moment I started working as a make-up&hair artist, these two were a big source of inspiration to me.

For those who don’t know these two major artists (shame on you)… A small recap of their careers until now:

Ed Moelands moved from The Netherlands to Antwerp, after he had finished his bachelor in Graphic Design. Inspired by our rich and opulent culture, Ed started growing as a hairstylist, up till the point he just had to go to Paris to explore how far his talents could take him. Far, very far, to say the least. Think Peter Lindbergh, Tim Walker, Miles Aldridge, Ellen von Unwerth. Think Vogue, Numéro, I-D, Lancôme, Kenzo, Chivenchy, Dolce&Gabanna. Have I said enough?

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-11 om 22.25.04

And although being the personal hairdresser of celebs like Shakira and Katy Perry is one hell of an achievement, Ed prefers to chat about his collabs with the Belgian designers. That’s where his heart is, what makes his eyes sparkle, you can feel it when you talk to him. Cuteness galore. Not to forget how sincerely proud he is of his work with Belgian powerduo Ronald Stoops and Inge Grognard on the ‘Antwerp Icons’-series!

Ed Moelands for AF Vandevorst

Ed Moelands for AF Vandevorst

Ed Moelands for Walter van Beirendonck

Ed Moelands for Walter Van Beirendonck

Ed's work on one of the 'The Icons'-installation.

Ed’s work on one of the ‘Antwerp Icons’-installation.

Alex Valverde, the significant other of Ed, got in touch with make-up at a young age, while he was living in Paris. After a few experimental years in theater and fashion, Alex jumped at a the chance to assist big names such as Path McGrath and Stéphane Marais. Which earned him a spot at a lot of shows and photo shoots worldwide. 10 years ago, Alex decided to settle down in Antwerp, where he started working for Dominique Models. Since 3 years, Alex can call himself Belgian Ambassador of Max Factor, which makes him the sweetheart of a lot of journalists :-). Everybody loves him!

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-11 om 21.49.45

Psychology says 1 + 1 = 3. This also applies to the Alex&Ed Studio.

It doesn’t only offer us the opportunity to get pampered by two amazing artists. Alex&Ed Studio exudes knowledge, luxury, and a kind of Gemütichkeit that is hard to describe.



How to make that life saving hair appointment?

Details: Alex&Ed Studio, Ernest Van Dijckkaai 10, 2000 Antwerpen. 0032 3/344 92 44


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  1. ajoeba 09/05/2014 at 10:30 AM #

    Superleuke site, ben benieuwd naar je nieuwste posts!

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