How to win a Get in the Loop – membership? #wellness

31 Aug

We all like a bit of pampering, right!

Creating some me-time or one-on-one moments with the lover. But we also know that it comes with a price.

Especially for young beauty-lovers, it’s almost impossible to go on a wellness-trip of any sort.

For those who do want to experience these lovely trips with a well-deserved discount, there is a new platform coming to Belgium: Get in the Loop.

Afbeelding 14

This community already exists in Canada for quite some time, with lots of succes. So it was just a matter of time before they’d hit the European market!

But how does Get in the Loop work exactly?

It’s very simple.

Surf to the Get in the Loop – website and subscribe yourself as a member by paying a subscription fee of just 39 euros. From the moment you’re a premium member, you can not only enjoy all the reductions, but you’ll also be invited to all the Get in the Loop-events. As you can see on the website, Get in the Loop has hooked up with the best wellness centers, hotels en B&B’s in Belgium!

Ideal for us, hedonists!

I’ve subscribed myself already, and tested the new wellness center Aquarein at Grobbendonk. And halleluja, how I enjoyed my stay! Normally, when I use a reduction coupon, I always get the feeling that I’m inferior to the other clients. But here I felt so at ease and special. Mhmmm, I wanna go back…



Now, because I really believe in the Get in the Loop – concept, ànd because I love you guys, I have two premium memberships to give away.

How can you win a Get in the Loop – membership?

3 easy steps:

1. Subscribe yourself to

2. Follow my life is like a box of make-up – page

3. Send me your name and phone number to

This all before the 7th of September!

Big kiss,



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