Working my ass off with Functional Training

16 Apr


Health is everything. Period.

You may be big or small, young or old, but when your lack of energy is keeping you from things you really want to do, it is time for a change.

And that was exactly the case Chez Sabine a couple of months ago: Winter was taking its toll, and I was getting bigger and less energized than I normally am. I just didn’t feel comfortable anymore.

Now, I’m the kinda girl that starts working out with lots of effort and stops after 2 or 3 months because of lack of motivation.

So I needed to get my guidance elsewhere! Like the stars! Yes, I wanted a personal trainer!

Through facebook I got to know Max Icardi. Max is a tall Italian stud (he is gonna hate me for saying this :-)) ànd the owner of ‘Functional training Network’ in Belgium. He studied Sports Medicine at the university of Glasgow and followed different kinds of personal training-courses throughout the years.

And he was most likely the perfect guy for me to get me in shape, physically ànd mentally.

As usual I started our first training a bit sceptical. Visions of highschool gym-horror tortured me.

But I was sold!!! It was going to be tough, but I was totally up for it! IMG_2037

Now, after 3 months of personal training I notice these important changes:

1. My body feels tighter.

2. I seriously got more energy (too much, some may say)


3. I threw away my scale. This was a big thing for me! With a history of eating disorders, the scale determined my mood every single day. That shit is over now!

4. Because of the heaviness of the training I got faced with a bunch of personal defects, that I’m sorting out as we speak.

5………..(the list goes on)

To inform you a bit more, I had a face-to-face conversation with Mister Functional Training that envolved more statements than “5 more!”, “keep on breathing!” or “You can do this! Yès you can!”

Here we go!

” Why are you so passionate about functional training?”

” I always prefered to work outside the typical fitness-industry. It really is an industry, which puts too much focus on physical appearance. In functional training you create a more homy feeling. We don’t use big machines, but go back to basic.IMG_2503

I’m passionate in training ‘normal’ people,no matter what age or size!  I want to make them love being active!”

” What makes you a good personal trainer?”

” The mental relationship with the client is really important. You have to be a people’s person. Through sports you put the focus on yourself and shut out all kind of external issues. We call this ‘Moving Meditation’. It also teaching you to be confident enough to conquer sportive ànd daily difficulties. Being part of the victories of my clients makes my job really empowering.

” What’s your opinion on the flood of weight-loss programs on tv?”

” I don’t want to generalize, but a few programs make me angry. They treath everyone the same, which is so wrong! We’re all different, with different needs.”

” As a bigger girl myself, I often get weird looks from people when I tell them I work out. As if the words ‘curvy’ and ‘sporty’ don’t match!”

” Working out is about health, not about weight-loss. That focus really needs to shift. It’s not because someone is curvy and confident, that he/she can’t be sporty!


The fact that working out gives you confidence and more self-esteem is key. A personal trainer can help you achieve changes inside and out.”

“Is having a personal trainer just for the rich&famous?”

“Paying for a trainer is like paying for a teacher. You want to learn something, you want to grow, therefore you need someone who is the best in its discipline. It’s about prioritizing! On the other hand, I train people so in the end they can train themselves. I don’t want them to get too attached to me, that’s not what it’s about.”

“Can you give us some last extra tips?”

” Have fun in your work-out. Put on your favourite music, ask friends to join you,… That social support is important! And don’t put yourself on a too restricted diet. Enjoy a night out, and the next day you make the healthy choice again!”


For those who want to meet Max, his beautiful wife Greet and their Functional Training-team, and have a taste of his enthusiastic approach –> you can go the official opening of his newest training base upcoming sunday in Lille (Antwerp)!

It promises to be a great day full of activities, food and guidance! I’m going, maybe you should too?

For more information, you can always check their website or facebookpage!

See you on sunday! xxx



2 Responses to “Working my ass off with Functional Training”

  1. Great Body & Skin 16/04/2013 at 5:42 PM #

    Top meid, wat fijn dat je je zoveel beter voelt! En wat een overwinning dat je die schaal hebt weggegooit!

  2. beautiesatwork 16/04/2013 at 8:31 PM #

    goed bezig 🙂

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