Confidence is beauty

20 Sep

A couple of weeks ago, on an lovely indian summer night, I got to talk to a bunch of girls, all around my age. And like so often, the conversation evolved around clothes, looks, and what we would do if we had carte blanche at the plastic surgent.

At one moment I popped the question: “So if you could name three things you like about your body, which ones would they be.”


I was stunned.

Why is it so hard for us girls to express our own beauty? Is it false modesty? Fear to come across as arrogant?

Because ladies, let me tell you: Make-up is meant to expose your positive points, not to hide your lack of confidence. So without a positive attitude, that beautiful red lipstick won’t do you any justice.

So instead of ignoring the mirror or harrassing your boyfriend with the ‘do I look fat’-question, I got you a new weekly activity.

Put yourself in front of a mirror, in a cosy environment.

Take a real look at yourself.

And don’t come of the chair before you found at least three things you love about yourself.

I dare you.

(I’ll start the chain)

I like my eyes.

I love my hair.

….and ofcourse by round ass 🙂

Now what do you like about yourself?


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