The beauty of Miele Catwalk

8 Sep

My brothers and sisters,

can I tell you a secret? Like a really cool one?

This girl is gonna be one of the newest faces on the belgian tv-screen.

How? What? Why? When?

I can’t tell you anything more at this very moment, but I pinky swear I’ll speak out loud when the time is right.

Soooooo….. yesterday, I had a camera up my ass, whilst I exclusively visited the backstage at the Miele Catwalk event.

Miele Catwalk is a beautiful platform where Belgian fashion designers can show us their newest collection in a glamorous and buzzing atmosphere. A blended mixture of The Young& The Cool (Black Balloon, La Fille d’O) and respected names (Natan, Xandres, Tim Van Steenbergen,…) in fashion.

The epicenter of the show was ofcourse the backstage area, where make-upartists, hairdressers and models all got together to create the perfect look, that could work for every designer which was showing that night.

My habitat quoi…


Backstage at Miele Catwalk!

Fashionista Tiany Kiriloff gets a little retouch

Backstage mess

The look, created by chef de cabine Alex Valverde for Max Factor, had an intense and retro-like undertone: Powdery foundation, slighthy shaped cheekbones, sexy smokey eyes, and a voluptuous red mouth. Alex wanted to portray a sensual intensity without losing that touch of colour.

Pictures of the total look:

Total look

I wasn’t totally convinced of the hairstyling (by Wella) of the evening. Athough I realize it can’t be easy to make all these designers happy with one hairdo, I just got the feeling it wasn’t organic and fashionable enough.


Ofcourse I can’t leave without showing you my own look I had for this special event.

Here we go:


During…. (no I’m not naked in this picture. Still got my towel on :-))

Almost finished….

The end result. You like it?

I used Bobbi Brown concealer, foundation and eyeliner. Blush and lipstick by M.A.C, silver-grey eyeshadow by Estée Lauder, and mascara by Max Factor.

See ya soon!

All my love,



One Response to “The beauty of Miele Catwalk”

  1. Absolutely Mrs. K (@AbsolutelyMrsK) 12/09/2012 at 8:41 AM #

    congrats girl, a little bird already told me and i think it is fabulous and it is a fabulous choice! love love to see your beauty life, we have to talk about that in real life someday ;)!

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