M.A.C Trendpresentation F/W12 part 2: The Interview

24 Jun

One of the many reasons why I love those M.A.C Trendpresentations is the marvelous organisation! You can call it ‘the M.A.C – experience’.

Friendly people? Check. Great location? Check. Tasty food and delicious drinks? Check…. Check. And ofcourse the most talented instructors you can find! My friend, and M.A.C senior make-up artist, Elke Willemen got the amazing company of big shot Baltasar Gonzalez.

Elke Willemen, Baltasar Gonzalez and I

This director of make-up artistry does not only hit the international catwalks with the most breathtaking looks. He is also such a friendly, funny and inspiring person! One to love and to cherish (and keep in your backpocket).

Baltasar and I, having a bromance-thing goin’ on.

He even took a few minutes out of his tight schedule to talk to me! I felt like such a lucky bird…

So here we go…

What is your favourite trend or product of the moment?

“Eyeliner! I’m obsessed by all kinds of eyelinerlooks! Yes, it takes time and practice to learn the technique. But once you got it, you can go wild and do the unknown.”

Who creates those ‘trends’?

“It’s a pact between the designer and the make-upartist. Designers often need your help… Someone with enough convidence to guide them to the right look and feel.”

Can you give me a big misunderstanding in the current make-upworld?

“There are lots and lots of annoying misunderstandings! For example, all the rules and restrictions for women with round faces. That’s just bullshit! Make-up is about celebrating and exploring who you are, not about standard regulations!”

Do you have to deal with a lot of pressure in your job?

“Yes, but it doesn’t really affect me. I’m quite a balanced person. Sometimes designers are insecure, and then you give them your opinion. Or they give you the right to freely experiment.

Sometimes you give service, sometimes you’e a creative senior.If you know your place, you don’t need to be nervous.”

What inspires you?

“Sometimes just a place, an historic moment, something mathematic. But all in all, it is about trusting yourself, your own opinion, feeling and input. The creative process is about translating what you do into a message. You need confidence to do this! Don’t ever criticize your own work! Ever!”

What’s a must-have for every woman?

“For sure, the Black Track Eyeliner.”

Which F/W12-show was your favourite?

“Actually, my two favourites were Vivienne Westwood Gold Label and Haider Ackermann.”

Do you miss a certain product in the world of make-up?

(He is loving the question, but can’t really give an answer. So Elke joins in.)

“A fluid eyebrow liner which is sweatproof, humidproof, actually: everything proof!! Thàt’s what we want!” (laughs)

Who are your beauty icons?

“For sure Barbra Streisand, in the sixties! And Peggy Moffitt. I love Peggy Moffitt!”

Barbra Streisand and Peggy Moffitt

How to do a Peggy Moffitt make-up!

….Unfortunately, after this question, time was up… But I could look back on a beautiful and interesting day full of make-up, inspiration and passion…

All my love,





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  1. Miqel 24/06/2012 at 3:44 PM #

    nice! xx

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