Antwerp Academie of Fashion-show, a quick instagram-report

10 Jun

When I just started as a make-upartist (six years ago), the annual show of the Antwerp Academy of Fashion was the first fashionshow I did! Instantly hooked, I was! That stress, the rush, all those interesting people working their butt off to put together an amazing show… It made me even more sure that following my passion for make-up and hair was the right thing to do.

So after a couple of years not being able to attend this world-famous show, I received a last-minute invite by Yves Saint Laurent. Backstage pass and seat ticket in the pocket, baby!

Endearing admission. Check! Now we had only 20 minutes left to visit the backstage, but it totally felt like coming home again….

My backstage instagrammation:

Model Layna + my L’Oréal-compagnon

The make-up, designed by top make-upartist Inge Grognard for Yves Saint Laurent, followed up by chef de cabine Paul Van Rompaey

The make-up

The hair, designed and prepped by our friends of L’Oréal Professional

Chef de cabine Paul Van Rompaey and I

Make-up by Yves Saint Laurent

Hairstyling by L’Oréal Professional

Beautiful models everywhere!


Bumping into instagram-friends 😉

A glimpse of the final!

My look of the night: Purple eyeshadow cream by Ellis Faas, foundation and powder by Estée Lauder, blush and lipstick by MAC


2 Responses to “Antwerp Academie of Fashion-show, a quick instagram-report”

  1. Kathleen 10/06/2012 at 10:41 PM #

    Het blonde model van fotootje 7327 is zo een beauty! Wow. Heb de show online gevolgd en volgens mij was het zij waarvan ik elke keer bijna van mijn stoel viel.

  2. sc 22/06/2012 at 10:05 PM #

    LOOKING GOOD, you!

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