Ocean Spritz

30 May

Beachy, wavy hair is never out of style.

But it’s not always easy to create. Lots of brands promise you that cool, laid back kinda look, but only a view succeed.

My 12 points go to Wella top-product’Ocean Spritz‘! This texturizing spray with a soft summery odeur, promises salty, beachy hair without an overly crunchy effect.

I’ve tried it, experienced it, and loved it. (Note: I’m naturally blessed with wavy hair… I guess the effect will be less if your hair is really straight)

5 steps to that perfect beachy hairdo:

1. Wash and condition your hair, like you always do.

2. Spray the Wella Ocean Spritz all over your locks, but don’t go to close to the scalp.

3. Use a blowdryer to get your hair nearly dry.

4. Spray the Ocean Spritz for a second time all over your locks.

5. Bring some extra shape into your hairdo by moulding it with your hands.

Ettttttt voila!


One Response to “Ocean Spritz”

  1. Lief actually... 01/06/2012 at 1:03 PM #

    Oeh, must have! 🙂

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