The Babor meets Silhouette Competition

28 May

As a make-upartist, I often feel make-up insecurities with women who wear glasses… Mostly about accentuated wrinkles and resized eyes.

But actually, you can experiment quite a lot with make-up! To guide you to a lovely look, I’ve got you some tips&tricks:

1. Your make-up depends on the size and colour of your frame: If you prefer to wear heavy and dark framed glasses, keep your make-up more natural and light. Frameless glasses give you more freedom to experiment.

Silhouette frameless glasses, for a light and free feeling!

2. Take care of your eyebrows! Make sure they’re in perfect condition and not covered by your spectacles.

Babor Maxi Definition Eyebrow Pencil

3. When you’re far-sighted, your eyes might appear bigger. All details are enlarged, so they need to be perfect. Be very precise with mascara or eyeliner, ’cause we all know how messy that can get.

Babor Maxi Definition Eyeliner

4. Shiny, shimmery eyeshadow in combination with glasses is a big no-no!

Babor Silky Soft Eyeshadow gives a fresh touch without being shimmery!

5. Avoid greasy foundation. This could leave ugly stains on your glasses and frame.

Perfect Finish Foundation is a compact foundation that gives you a subtle matifying finish.

6. Colourful lipstick is never a bad idea! It will bring balance in your face, ànd you’re on trend. Perfecto!

Babor Ultra Shine Lipgloss and Babor Ultra Performance Lipcolour


Now, hold your horses, ’cause the fun has just begun!!

To celebrate beauty, Life is Like a Box of Makeup offers you the PERFECT SUMMERGIFT, with the value of 500 euros!

Thanks to beauty brand Babor and eyewear specialist Silhouette, you can win:

1. A pair of Silhouette Adventurer sunglasses

The Silhouette Adventurer sunglasses

2. A make-up basket from the Babor Cosmetics Sunsation Collection, containing: Foundation, blush, eyeshadow palet, mascara, lipgloss and nailpolish!

Babor Cosmetics Sunsation Collection – The look

How to win?

Step 1: Like the Silhouette facebookpage

Step 2: Like the Babor facebookpage

Step 3: Like the lifeislikeaboxofmakeup facebookpage

Step 4: Send your answer to the following question to

“Which are the homecountries of Babor Cosmetics and Silhouette Eyewear?”

All answers and likes must be in before the 5th of june 2012!

So are you a winner? I think so!

Good luck, and lots of love,



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