With a little help from my friends – Blog Awards (part 2)

22 Apr

My precious followers,

I’ve got you some amazing news:

Lifeislikeaboxofmakeup has got nominated as Best Beautyblog at the ‘Weekend Blog Awards’ !!!!!!!!!!


Jump for joy!!!!


I want to thank you all so so much for voting for me! I feel so appreciated and humbled…

It is a blessing to converse with you on what runs through a make-upartists’ mind and life. So I want to continue doing this, and take it to a higher level, ’cause I’m in here for the long run! Winning this Beautyblog Award will surely give me the opportunity to do so….

So…… Now,I need your votes!

How to do this?

Go the page of the Weekend Knack Blog Awards.

The page will guide you through the different categories of the Blog Awards. In de ‘beautyblog section’ you choose ‘lifeislikeaboxofmakeup’.

Make sure you fill in your name at the end of the page, to validate your vote!

The competition closes on the 29th of april, so please vote on time.

All my love,



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