Young Rapunzel

16 Apr

Honestly. I’m not the streetstyle-kinda-girl.

Especially when it involves (rap)music, I’m always one step behind.

(Luckily I have my bestie Ouni, who introduces me to every newcomer in the scene. I’m a tough student though. Ask her :-))

But what I do manage, is recognizing new influencers whose looks will for sure get copied!

Star of the day is spicy big-mouth Azealia Banks. This cocky rapchick is conquering the world with her newest hitsingle ‘212‘, and just made some heads turn at Coachella festival.

Azealia likes to play and shock the (twitter) world with her  filthy-funny comments en dito looks. Not everybody’s taste, but ey, who cares! The girl has fun with it!

And if you watch the pictures underneath my text, you’ll see that miss Banks has a gorgeous face and one hot body! My prediction: Lots of magazine covers and maybe a M.A.C Viva Glam-campaign! Watch my words! I mean: That mouth!

Licky lick,



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