Oenobiol: Beauty, from the inside out

7 Apr

People who know me, saw me going on the healthy-trip six months ago. Why? For starters, I gained like 20 kilos since I started being a fulltime make-upartist. Those croissants on set, late night snacks, and after-work drinks didn’t benefit me at all. Second of all, my body&mind were playing tricks on me: One day I was down an depressed and low on energy, the next day I was bouncing around like a ball on a squash court. High highs, low lows. And I was sick of it! So I changed my eating pattern.(And lost already 10kg!)

But what if the right food isn’t good enough to maintain or improve your looks and health? Is there more out there?

Well, two weeks ago, press agency Oona invited me for a meeting on nutricosmetics, sponsored by Oenobiol.

I have to admit, at first I was kinda sceptical. In my mind, nutricosmetics were just another way to get into the pockets of searching women.

But my sceptical mindset got won over by my curiosity, and to be honest: I didn’t regret it at all. The Oenobiol-night was so so interesting!!

We got the professional advice of a pharmacist, a nutritionist, and of beauty-expert and nutricosmetics-adept Goedele Leyssen. We learned that food does not contain as much vitamins as they did years and years ago. So taking extra vitamines could only benefit us. Especially Omega3, vitamin C and D. Those are essential for everyone!

For more information and a personal examination it is adviced to go to a specialized nutritionist. Which is something I really wanna do in the upcoming weeks!

And so now, I just started taking the Oenobiol-vitamines for stronger hair and nails (–> so necessary!), and those to get an even tan (not so necessary, but no harm either :-)).

Results soon online!

Lots of love,



One Response to “Oenobiol: Beauty, from the inside out”

  1. Astrid 07/04/2012 at 3:51 PM #

    Leuke post 🙂 Ik vind het ook heel interessant!

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