River Island Backstage

16 Mar

Can you feel it?

I said:


Spring is in the air, which means: Lots of colour!!! And that was exactly what I wanted to put across yesterday.

To go more into detail: Yesterday, press agency Oona organized a ‘salon show’ for the brand River Island, and I got to do the hair and make-up again. And because the RI-summer collection exuded colour, I chose to go for a vibrant eye-make-up, with aqua-blue and fuchsia.

To balance it all out, I kept the skin quite natural, with just a touch of foundation and concealer where needed. On the cheeks , I applied a soft pink cream blush and a cream highlight. And to top it all off, some  orange lipstick, pressed into the lips with my fingers, to give it a more stained look.

Some backstage footage:

...and some aqua blue

We had some aqua blue...

....and some more pink....

....and some pink...

And some more pink....

And some more pink...





Ideal for the legs, if you mix it with some bodylotion!


backstage dancing 🙂


backstage rush




One Response to “River Island Backstage”

  1. jessicaisdoingitbig 17/03/2012 at 3:08 PM #

    I witnessed a great concept girl! Luv, Jessica

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