Restore the damage

26 Jan

Hit me.

I mean it.


‘Cause I’ve been a bad bad girl.

I made some first degree beauty mistakes, and boy oh boy, did I suffer the consequences.

Mistake number one is actually an ongoing thing: I’m kinda addicted to trying out new haircolours. I’ve been white-blond, surfersblond, light brown, dark brown, redhead, black with a neonred dip…. You name it, I’ve had it.

New Pantène-products

And although my hair has always been of great quality, it died a little last time.

Enough = enough, I guess.

It looked like a ball of hay, of which I was very ashamed.
And so this called for action: I chopped off at least 10cm, and started using the new Pantène Pro-V Reparateur&Protecteur shampoo, conditioner and 2-minute-mask.
And let me tell you: My hair is already shinier, and easier to go through. Halleluja, I feel hot again!

Beauty mistake number two: For almost a  week I was too tired in the evening to take off my make-up. Scandalous, I know! And I’m being punished for it, believe me. My skin looked red, dull and swollen. So last weekend I got enough of my lazy behaviour and added some new favourite care-products to my to-use-list :

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, which is a serum that gives you that extra healthy shine and makes your skin smooth and spot-free.

Plus, the Philosophy One-Step Facial Cleanser. This soft and gentle face foam is actually one of the first cleansing products which doesn’t irritate my overly sensitive skin.

And I lived happily ever after…..

All my love,



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