Red carpet review

17 Jan

‘The Golden Globes’ is not really thé red carpet event to follow, if you’re into experimental make-up&hair.
Most of the stars just look cute and flawless, but even this can get boring as hell.

Still some celebrities cought my eye, in a good or a bad way!

My favourite looks

Angelina Jolie, going for that strong red-lip-dark-eye-look., which suits her personality like a glove

Charlize Theron, looking sweet and girlie with pastels.

Jessica Biel, rockin' that dark haircolour!

Emma Stone, on trend with metallic grey eyeshadow.

Michelle Williams is having some beauty-fun with a cute headband

Helen Mirren is one of the most beautiful women of the evening, hands down! Class!

My no-no’s

Madonna, botox overload

Kelly Osbourne, with a horrible purple-grey haircolour. Why? WHY?

Zooey Deschanel. This big version of her haircut just doesn't suit her face.


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