The girl of the party

28 Dec

Another three days to go, and it’s new years eve! Which means: Lots of plans, lots of partying, lots of looks!

Let me guide you through 4 possible situations of spending NYE, and the additional looks.


1. With your parents (-in-law): You wanna look fresh, clean, decent, young and like a true virgin.

Tip: Keep it basic.

–> Make-up: Use a good concealer, some pink blusher and lots of mascara.

–> Hair: Go for a natural, (maybe) blown out look. Or do an angelic updo!


Ideal daughter (-in-law)


2. Romantic dinner with your boyfriend: Sexy and luscious.

Tip: Bring your inner sexyness out!

–> Make-up: A subtle smokey eye, some highlighter on your cheeks, and a good lipbalm to    make your mouth look extra kissable.

–>Hair: Let your hair down, with lots of volume! To get this done you apply voluminizing spray to towel dry hair, and blow dry it with your head upside down.


Hot girlfriend


3. Get together with some friends: Playful, fun, experimental.

Tip: Use a lot of accessories and have fun with it!

–>Make-up: Feel free to do whatever you want. If you feel like using colour, use colour! If you want to put on fake eyelashes, put on those fake eyelashes. There are no limits, and it doesn’t need to be ‘right’ or ‘on trend’.

–>Hair: Go totally crazy! Use hats, crowns, knots, whatever!


Funny girl


4. Joining a big event/party: hot, practical, intense

Tip: Create a look which will last the whole evening, and which makes you comfortable in your own skin.

–> Make-up: You want to be the hottest girl at the party, right? So accentuate your best features! If you have beautiful eyes, you can go for a smokey eye with some extra shimmer in it, or a heavy eyeliner.

Do you have sexy lips? Pick out a kissproof, firing red lipstick.

–>Hair: Make sure you choose a hairdo that doesn’t fall in your face the whole time. You need to be able to dance and have fun, without having to deal with sweaty strings of hair.


The hottest girl at the party


One Response to “The girl of the party”

  1. Els & Liesbeth 29/12/2011 at 4:16 PM #

    Wat een leuk artikel! Superduidelijk en ook zo grappig geschreven 🙂

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