The beauty of Music for Life

19 Dec

I’m feeling kinda sad and excited at the same time…. Why? Because it’s the last time StuBru organizes Music For Life….

For those who don’t know Music For Life: 3 radio-dj’s lock themselves up in a glass house, and make radio 24/7. To make it more difficult, they can’t eat a thing, and have to live on juice and water. With this action they try to earn as much money as possible for an important Red Cross-cause.

And every year, I ‘m totally obsessed by it all! I can’t step away from the tv or radio. Fuzzy feeling… It’s the inner “world peace”-ien in me…

Now, this year, the three dj’s are Siska, Tomas and Sam. And especially Siska is a hidden beauty-freak, I’m telling ya! Nothing makes her more happy than a handful of make-upgoodies! So I just sent her a couple of beauty-questions ofcourse.

Direct correspondance with the Glass House! Hallaaaa!

dj's Tomas, Siska and Sam

1.Hi Siska! You are totally crazy about make-up, right. Wat are your fav products at this very moment?

Estée Lauder Idealist Illuminators

My foundation of MAC is still my fav. But at the moment, I’m also totally into ‘Idealist’ and ‘Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator’ from Estée Lauder. That really saves my day! It gives a nice glow and feels so fresh. Love it! And I also started with ‘Advanced Night Repair’? Haha! Hooked, I’m telling ya!

2. How do you keep your skin winterproof?

Using a lot, and I say, A LOT of moisturizer!!! I always have really dry hands during wintertime, and I’m still looking for the perfect hand cream which does its job without being too greasy. For my legs I use bodylotion from La Roche Possay. This moisturizes really well, and it hasn’t got too much perfume in it.

3. What does Tomas (fellow DJ and boyfriend) do to take care of himself?

Tomas uses facial cream. At least, when he isn’t growing a beard, because than it all gets stuck…You know what I mean ;-). And he showers and uses deodorant everyday. Luckily.

4. How does the juice diet in the Glass House effect your looks?

My face gets fresher and sharper by being on the juice diet. Which is more than welcome, haha! I just got a baby, and I notice that i’m still retaining water. But I hope the last bits our out by now.

5. Which national or international woman do you consider as hot?

Veronique Leysen

That’s a difficult one! I personally prefer women who look quite natural. Like Veronique Leysen. She is hot and fresh at the same time! And ofcourse, Scarlett Johansson. She always looks so beautifully made up!

6.Can we spoil you with something over there?

Chanel Poudre Lumière Glacée

Well yeah! I could use a really good balm for my lips! And that perfect hand cream 😉

Oh…and I forgot my shampoo…hihi…again!

Oeh, and do you have the new shimmering powder of Chanel? Greedy greedy me, haha!

7. Which celebrity has an awful look, in your opinion?

Make-upwise, I think the look of Courtney Love is a bit…euh… run out. Haha! But that’s a personal choice, right. If a woman likes to look like a colouring book, I’m not gonna stop her.

8.Between you and me: Does Sam (fellow DJ, and really loved by the boyzzzz) use make-up?

I’ve seen some Touche Eclat over here, which isn’t mine! Just saying….

9. Can you give us an oldskool beauty-trick?

Yes. Use rose water as a tonic/lotion for your face. It doesn’t cost much and it’s really soft for dry and sensitive skin.

Oh, and switch between cheaper and more expensive shampoo. My hair loves it 😉

10. Does fashion magazines have an effect on your self esteem?

No, I think not. I like to read them, and watch the pics, that’s all.I know how I have to make myself look at my best, and i’m loyal to it! But I’m open for remarks 😉


Soooooo, for every subscriber on my blog before 12 o’clock at noon tomorrow, i’ll donate 10 cents to MFL!

I’ll be at the Glass House on thursday and friday to donate my part, and to bring Siska her fair share of beauty products ;-). ’cause when a girl can’t eat, you could better give her something to hang on to. Like make-up. Right? 🙂

All my love,



One Response to “The beauty of Music for Life”

  1. Liesbeth (candyandtreats) 19/12/2011 at 1:48 PM #

    Great initiative! Clicked your link with pleasure! Make sure to let us know all about your visit to the Glass house! 🙂

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