Talking to hairwonder Anthony Turner!

5 Dec

One of my coolest experiences from this year was working on the set of Love magazine. Remember this?

Well on that day, I got to know hairwonder Anthony Turner. And it must be said: Anthony is not only a tophairstylist but most and for all a wonderful person!

I was really nervous that day, as a greeny between all these experienced people, but Anthony was so sweet and funny from the very first moment.

And so from that day on, I had a new artist that inspires me! Anthony’s hairdo’s look effortless with a twist. Feminine and edgy. He knows, like no one else, how to create ‘depth’ and art with one brush stroke. You can admire his work in fashion magazines all over the world: Interview, Vogue, I-D, Love magazine, …. where he takes care of the hairstyling of topmodels like Freja Beha, Arizona Muse, Lara Stone, and Saskia De Brauw.Yep, this guy is well on his way to conquer the universe!

Lucky me, we kept in contact, and so I could shove my short-question-list up his nose. ūüėČ

Here we go!

  • 1 Can you describe us your signature style?”¬†Rebellious.”2 Where do you get your inspiration from?¬†

    “From everywhere… I¬†can go to an art gallery and walk down the street and be as equally inspired.”

    3 Do you prefer to really prepare yourself for a shoot, or do you like to improvise on the spot? 

    “Obviously its nice to know what you are walking into so that you can have a think about it and maybe do some research and prepare yourself for it.”¬†

    4 Can you tell my readers what it is like to work backstage at those big fashionshows? 

    “Backstage at the shows is pretty full on, as you can imagine. The energy is electric and intense! It might sound kind of scary but it’s actually these things that keep me addicted!”

    5 Which celebrity urgently needs a hair make-over?

    ” 80% of them. I¬†can’t just single out one . When I pick up a celebrity gossip magazine and I¬†look at all of the pictures, I’m astounded that these people are role models. Celebrity culture is getting lower and lower. This actually really concerns me.”

    6 Who is your beauty icon?

    ” Anyone who is individual. Anyone who does it with taste and with panach. Someone that isn’t afraid to push boundaries.”

    7  Who cuts your hair?

    “A very very good friend of mine who owns his own salon in London. His name is Drew, at Foster London.”

    8 Can you give us your top-3 hairstyling products?

    ”¬†Elnett hairspray, TIGI¬†quperstar queen for a day, TIGI session range salt spray.”

    9 ….and the biggest hair no-go?

    ” I think that the biggest hair no-go for me would not to be having fun with your hair… experiment and let loose! It’s fine! It’s hair, not heart surgery! “

    10 What will be the hair trend for next spring/summer?

    “Optimistic…. whether it’s a take on the very optimistic 1950’s Americana or simply just something light and delicate and feminine. I¬†think that fashion is reacting against the times we are in, and that really is the beauty of fashion, pure escapism!”

    portfolio Anthony Turner

















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