Bra buddies

20 Nov

Who runs the world?


In all sizes, shapes, heights and colours!

Now, the bigger girls among us know how important a good bra is. I  sound a bit like Trinny&Susannah now, but the right bra really makes you lose 5kg in a splitsecond.

Your boobs need to be UP and centered, without letting them burst out of your shirt. And you can’t expect this from a 15 euro-bra from H&M. Wealthy bosoms deserve wealthy lingerie!

And so, one evening, I ended up at the headquarters of lingerie giant VandeVelde (Marie Jo, Marie Jo l’Aventure, Marie Jo Intense, PrimaDonna, PrimaDonna Twist, Andres Sarda). Lovely atmosphere, lot’s of bra-stories, a cheeky mini-fashion show and a personal fitting…. This is what I call an interesting girls-night-out!


PrimaDonna Twist

PrimaDonna - the making of

PrimaDonna Twist


And after the fitting, as icing on the lushious cake, we could choose a piece of the newest collection of PrimaDonna! How sweet was that!

I went for a classic cut, embroidered shaping body, for that instant sexyness. (see last two pics)

The conclusion: Girls with bigger boobs need to cherish what they have. By using a quality-piece of lingerie you show to yourself, and the rest of the world, that you’re proud of your bitties, and that they deserve all the respect.


All my love,


P.S.: After this visit, I got so excited that I bought another two sets of PrimaDonna! Addiction in the makin’!




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