My portfolio: Rembo Styling

19 Sep

Have I told you yet that I have the greatest job ever? 🙂

One day you’re shooting in a dark studio in Brussels. And then suddenly, you find yourself in sunny Toscane! Sipping wine, and making beautiful pictures.

We worked long days (up at 5.30 am, that sort of stuff), but if the endresult is this nice, and everybody is so kind and professional, it is more than a pleasure.

Lovely client: Rembo Styling

Photography: Tomas Vandecasteele

First assistant: Jan Vandevyver

Styling: Ruth Donné

Models: Emma, Angela & Nicolas

MU&H: me

Here you have some of my favorite pics of the serie!

All my love,


Don’t forget to watch the videoclip from our adventure…

And some backstage-pictures ofcourse! 🙂

A beautiful morning-view

Evening-activities 🙂

Me acting like a fool

La bella Toscane!

Jan is banding with the locals.

Beautiful Emma!

And lovely Angela!

Taking a break or two

....One day, I'll be wearing the wedding dress....

Doing hair and makeup on location.

Our neighbours

Tired but really happy!


One Response to “My portfolio: Rembo Styling”

  1. els vanopstal 20/09/2011 at 12:48 AM #

    Zeer mooi geheel! De foto’s, de make up, de styling..
    Ook super leuke foto van de schaapjes ^^

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