Letter to Adele

8 Sep

Dearest Adele,

The first time you’ve touched my heart was after listening to ‘Chasing pavements’.

Expressing words that surely could have been mine.

I also questioned things, love, myself. 

Your songs kept saying what was on my mind, even months after that.

I’ve been rolling in the deep.

I’ve lost love. And yes, it hurt instead.

With all my heart, I hope happy lyrics will follow in times to come. About exploring new things, new life, new love.

Miss Adele, even your looks are taking my breath away. Eyes filled with soul, yes sir. 

Hope is high that you’re not gonna bow under pressure. 

Beauty is like music; everyone’s taste is different, but authenticity always survives….

With all my love,


Most recent picture of Adele, on the cover of Vogue UK (october)

older footage


Older footage

Older footage

Older footage


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