This is how I do it

29 Aug

Sooo, these were some heavy weeks, to say the least!

If you think summer is a calm period in fashion- and beauty-world, you’ve got another think coming!

First of all, I proudly announce my first ‘professional’ articles in the newest Feeling City – magazine! Beautycorner by Sabine, olé!

Something else I was very happy with: One of my fav blogs, Styletoday, was so sweet to publish a small interview with me, after hearing about my work on the set of Vogue UK and Love! ❤

interview @ Styletoday


Although I love writing, my passion and main job will always be working as a MU&H-artist. Wanna make a trip through my last 2 weeks?

Well, 10 days ago, I was asked to do the hair and make-up for a shoot for PILL magazine, the magazine of the known store Men_at_work!

The look of this shoot was inspired by seventies glam!


To get this kind of hairstyling fixed, you need lots and lots of volumizer! It’s very important to thicken the hairstructure, so the curl in the hair stays more easily.

The volumizing sprays I recommend are:

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Spray

Matrix Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter



One of the highlights of last workweek was doing the make-up&hair for River Island-show @ Oona! Together with my lovely assistant Louise, we rocked the new upcoming winterlook: relaxed, beachy hair + black eye/nuon red lips –> a winner!!!


River Island-show

River Island-show

River Island-show

River Island-show

River Island-show

River Island-show



So after some more commercial work, I ended my week with a sexy, lucious, glamorous editorial for Attitude magazine! We really really wanted to shoot outside, and we did. But baby, it was cold, and windy and nasty weather! Still model Kjell Bracke rocked the silhouettes! Thanks again to our power-team: Tomas Vandecasteele, Jan Vandevyver, Petra Mingneau, Linda Van Waesberge and Kjell ofcourse!

Also  in this serie I wanted big, texturized, curvy hair, and dark, animalistic, glammy make-up.

Take a look at some backstage pics!



Lots of love,




2 Responses to “This is how I do it”

  1. sc 19/09/2011 at 3:54 PM #

    m! This is soooo amazing!!! Great backstage pictures!


  1. LAGRANGE BACKSTAGE « Ouni Inc. - 21/10/2011

    […] thanks to Marc Lagrange for the Polaroids and the fun day and Sabine Peeters for glamming me […]

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