Sabine goes Love Magazine

13 Aug

The Vogue-adventure hasn’t even digested yet, or another story of which I’m proud of, has emerged!

This time I was the manicurist in a fashion story for LOVE Magazine! This with belgian topphotographer Willy Vandeperre, major stylist Olivier Rizzo, make-uplegend Peter Philips and hairwonder Anthony Turner.

I want to thank Mindbox (who did the production) for contacting me for this big shoot! When they called me and said I could collaborate with THE master himself, Peter Philips, I was dancing like crazy!

On the set Peter gave me the new colours of Chanel-nailpolish to use, and afterwards he was so nice to send them to me! What a sweety!


Insiders story: After lunch, I was chatting with Anthony Turner and a model inside the van. Suddenly I saw the team slicing two big cakes. And I was like “Eyyy, is it someones’ birthday today??? There is dessert outside!!!”. Peter overheared me, and he reacted with “Yes, it was mine yesterday! What for? Do they have a surprise for me??”. I got sooo red in my face because I totally spoiled the birthday surprise for mister Philips….

Luckely Peter enjoyed my embarrassment and he mocked with me during the rest of the day :-). Well yeah, me and my big mouth…

Here you have some of the pictures of the LOVE Magazine-story!

All my love,


Copyright Love Magazine. Models: Tatiana Cotliar and Querelle Jansen.

Copyright Love Magazine. Model: Tatiana Cotliar.

Copyright Love Magazine. Model: Querelle Jansen.


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