The master of beach-hair

17 Jul

Don’t we all love our hair when it’s freshly taken care of at the hairdresser’s?

But when you buy these (oh so expensive) prof-products, they seem to make your hair look greasy and heavy…

Thàt’s what famous hairdresser and -stylist Kevin Murphy wanted to avoid, when he came up with his new productline! Making your hair light and airy, and letting it style for cool and perfect hairdo’s. And how I love the ‘soap-boxes-inspired’- packaging!

Now, who the hell is this Kevin Murphy? One of the most-wanted hairstylists, to say the least. His collaboration with stars like Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Linda Evangelista, Selma Blair and many other, gave him this high-class prestige.

Kevin Murphy

He doesn’t follow trends, he creates them. According to Vogue, Kevin Murphy is the inventor of the ‘beach-hair’. So that count for something, right? 🙂

Beach-hair baby!

Not to forget his editorial work for Vogue, Harper’s Nazar, Marie Clair, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editon, etc…

If your passion is in hairstyling too, than don’t forget to visit the website of mister Murphy! What I love the most at this site, is the waterfall of tips&tricks to let you create those fashionable hairdo’s, like you often see them in magazines! Go and have a look!

The Kevin Murphy-products are available @ Kap Kaai and Hair by Van Loenhout, among others.

With all my love!

Sabine xo


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