31 May

MAC masterclasses often are a treat! It brings new inspiration, new techniques and new enthusiasm, which always comes in handy.

Last week I was invited to a special ‘trends f/w 2011-12’ – masterclass in Amsterdam, and I so did not want to miss it! More so, because Terry Barber was the leading MU-man that day (together with our belgian make-up-wonder Elke Willemen)! I loved Terry before, and I love him even more now. (although he likes to vomit on Kim Kardashian, and sorry, but KIM IS THA BOMB)

So…take note of… the 4 big MU-trends for upcoming fall&winter, according to MAC!!


1. Mod-ernist

Key-elements: sixties-revival / accent on the eyelashes (upper and downer) / no blush, only shine / soft, healthy foundation / soft eyeliner / pink-nude lips

Tip of the day: Reach for EVERY EYELASH when you apply mascara, by holding your mascara-brush vertically. Enlarge the effect by adding some fake lashes!

Alberta Ferretti

Jonathan Saunders

Moschino Cheap and Chic

Allure magazine

@MAC Masterclass, by Elke Willemen

2. Disco-tech

Key-elements: accent on eye ànd lips / lots of gloss and pigment / strange colourcombinations / technical perfection / theatrical

Tip of the day: For non-editorial use, this look might just be a little too much. If you wanna give it a try, I would advice you to go for the flashy coloured lip! To get the maximum and most durable effect, apply lip-crayon underneath the lipstick.

Manish Arora

Jean Pierre Braganza

The Rodnik Band

Vivienne Westwood Red Label ❤

British Vogue


@MAC Masterclass, by Terry Barber (LOVE THE MODEL!!!!)

2. Tough Love

Key-elements: androgynous / natural eyelashes / masculin cheekbones / no accent on lips / hard eyebrow / warrior-eyes / romantic-punk /

Tip of the day: Stop plucking your eyebrows! We want it big and bold!


Alexander Wang

Gareth Pugh


Vivienne Westwood Gold Label

Twin Magazine

@MAC Masterclass, by Terry Barber

4. Amber-Gris

Key-elements: colours like amber, grey, sand, violet, lavender,… / extended use of eye-shadow / soft and cool at the same time / poetic/ monochromatic (= same colourpallet on eyes and lips)

Tip of the day: With this trend, you may use your fingertips instead of brushes, for a non-perfect, stain-ish effect.

Carolina Herrera



Les Copains


Flair (no, not the belgian one)

@MAC Masterclass, by Elke Willemen

My favourite look? I’m totally going for two opposites: I’m in love with the femininity of the ‘mod-ernists’, but I also adore the roughness of ‘tough love’.

Oh, and not to forget –> a special thanks to Ü-blogwonder Dominique Knotoryus, for letting me use her camera 😉

Lots of love,



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  1. 01/06/2011 at 6:01 PM #

    great idea’s ! xo

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