Don’t touch innocent beauty

28 May

In the era of airbrushing, resizing, make-up, hairstyling and topdressing, it’s no wonder that young girls don’t know the difference anymore between a dreamworld and reality. In their eyes, covergirls are the ephiphany of succes and beauty.

But topmodels are also just girls, with bad hairdays and a pimple or two from time to time. And that doesn’t make them less beautiful, but just more human.

With this message, VIVA LONDON launches their exhibition ‘Untouched’, which opened last thursday!

The exhibition shows VIVA’s topgirls, without any make-up, styling or photoshop… Just an intimate moment with the photographer…

My view on these pictures? I love the idea and the message that VIVA wants to send out, and I admire the core beauty of some of the models. But they all look so sad and unhappy. As if there is no laughter in being all natural… And that is not really the statement you want to make, right?

With all my love,



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