5 May

I love my hair. I don’t want it to be more or less curlier, it grows really fast, and has a healthy glow. So consider me a lucky girl on that subject! Men love it, friends envy me for it. I see it as a compensation from Mother Natur, for my x-formed legs and wreckled skin.

But I have the stupid habit to wear my hair in a bun…like….ALWAYS!!! I find it easy, handy while working, it’s fresh and airy.

So lucky me that the bun is the new black for this summer!

And the variations on this hairstyle are endless: tight, loose, up, down, curly, een duo-bun, a half-a-bun,…. All you need is some hairspray, an elastic and some U-pins!

Copy the looks of the stars and topmodels!

All my love,



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