I do, I do, I do

29 Apr

I’m writing this new post while watching W&K’s weddingceremony, totally teared up! Man oh man, I’m a sucker for marriages! 🙂

Btw, Kate looks beautiful and healthy glowing, with pinkish cheeks and lips, and a stronger brown-black eyemake-up! It is told, she did her make-up herself! But for her hairdo she put confidence in the hands of reknown British L’Oréal-hairstylist Richard Ward!

Kate Middleton

So….with this big banger….I pronounce…. the wedding season 2011…. to be opened!

Dearest bride-to-be, to help you through this emotional day, beauty-wise… Here some tips&tricks&trends, Sabines’ style 😉

1. Make sure you look as the best version of yourself.  Your wedding day is not really the perfect moment to try out trends or looks you’ve never had before.

2. Essentials: Waterproof mascara, crayon and eyeshadow!!!

3. Don’t overdo with the foundation –> No man likes to say ‘I do’ to a greasy mask.

4. If you wanna keep yourself kissable , don’t use lipstick of lipgloss which is too sticky!

5. Prepare a safety kit with a bottle of watermist and deodorant to refresh yourself, cotton buds, make-upremover, the make-upproducts (crayon, lipstick etc) you used for your look, some extra hairpins, hairspray and some plasters for your sour feet.

6. If you hire a make-up&hair artist to create your look, do ask for a test appointment first! You don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised on your wedding day.

6. Because the church isn’t a core element anymore for the bigger piece of marriages, the looks of the brides are changing too. The lucky couples prefer having a alternative romantic ceremony. And so the looks of a lot of brides are shifting!

I predict more and more natural, romantic, softly elegant brides! Accessorized by real flowers and braids!



One of my fav looks

One of my fav looks

One of my fav looks

One of my fav looks

One of my fav looks

One of my fav looks

One of my fav looks

L'Oréal bridal trends

L'Oréal bridal trends

L'Oréal bridal trends

L'Oréal bridal trends


3 Responses to “I do, I do, I do”

  1. Paulien 29/04/2011 at 3:22 PM #

    I’m such a sucker too… 🙂 Ik moest werken maar heb wel de halve ceremonie op m’n iPhone gezien, haha! Kate zag er inderdaad prachtig uit! Mijn trouwkapsel wordt sowieso ingevlochten, zoals op een paar van je foto’s. Pretty pretty!

    Heb trouwens vandaag de haarproducten in de bus gehad, thank you VERY much! Ziet er allemaal héél erg goed uit, ik ga het denk ik vanavond al uittesten nu mijn haar zo droog is.

  2. Birgit 01/05/2011 at 2:13 PM #

    Pretty good tips you’re giving, especially the “waterproof” 🙂 Wouldn’t have thought about that myself 😉

    Actually I just wanted to thank you for the hair products. I tried them out. My hair’s really soft and it smells so good! It shines beautifully and it looks healthy again. Thank you very much!! Great products! 🙂

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