18 Mar

In a couple of days, spring is comin’ up.

So it’s about time we start to make our bodies ready for exposure 🙂

Let us concentrate on the main part of our female body: Tha boobs!

First of all I have to say: The bigger bosom is back! When some time ago, having bigger breasts as a model,was a real burden (impossible to squeeze yourself into that size 0), nowadays we see more and more modeling girls who aren’t afraid to show you their lusciousness!

Now, how can we make our cleavage summer-ready –> five tips:

1. Scrub your chest once a week, in a gentle way. Be careful that you’re not too agressive, and that your exfoliating cream doesn’t have too big of a grain in it.

2. While showering, hold the showerhead really close to your breasts (nowhere else ;-)), and change the water from hot to cold to hot to cold….. Instant boost!!!

3. Apply a moisturizing cream or oil every day, especially when your bosom is still in a state of development! You don’t want no extra stretch marks!

Massage in that cream with circular movements. Personally, I like to use baby-products, because they are so so soft :-).




4. VERY IMPORTANT –> WEAR A GOOD BRA!!! Really girls! Get yourself informed in a decent lingerieshop for the right size/shape of bra! I know that finding that perfect (and sexy) lingerie isn’t always easy when you have bigger boobs. But it ain’t a mission impossible. And I know what I’m talking about ;-). Brands I like are Marie Jo, Prima Donna, and Empreinte.

Me, myself and Empreinte

5. Last but not least: Accept your boobs! Flaunt your curves! As petite or big they might be, be proud of them! Straighten your shoulders and take care of yourself!

Lots of kisses,



One Response to “Boobylicious”

  1. Peggy Timmermans Visagie 18/03/2011 at 2:05 PM #

    Go girl! I’m happy too!

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