Beauty needs to be celebrated!

13 Mar

Beauty-adepts already know that Gent has its own Kiehl’s-store since a couple of months.

But it was past wednesday, that Kiehl’s had a proper get together to celebrate their new shop!

Some pics….

The Valentine-toy was still in the shop! Had a 'Wheel Of Fortune'-feeling 🙂

products products products


Back to the 90's --> Sha-Na

Yes we do!

....and even more products.....

Amélie Rombauts (Oona) - Kjell Bracke - Julie d'Hooghe

I bought a present for a special someone.... Such nice packaging!

nr. 1 Kiehl's-product!

Got myself a golden ambassadors-card!!



My personal Kiehl’s top-3:

1. Ultra Facial Cream

2. Unusually-rich-but-not-greasy-at-all hand cream

3. Crème de corps


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