How to….

26 Feb

…. look fresh, fruity, young and sparkling?

Check out the make-up @ the latest Versace runway show!

Get this look in 5 simple steps:

1. Mix your foundation with your moisturizing cream and apply on your face. Only put powder on your eyelids, as a base for the eyeshadow. This way, the skin keeps its natural glow.

2. Choose a peachy and pink creamblush and pat it on your cheeks ànd on the sides of your forehead with your fingers. Make sure it’s all nicely blended!

3. To save you some money, you can use the pink creamblush as a lipstick. Again, use your fingers, and apply only in the centre of your lips.

4. Make a caramel- coloured smokey eye + add three layers of mascara.

5. Brush your eyebrows with a brownish eyebrowgel.


….. Et voila! You just created a trendy and easy make-up!

Good luck!





One Response to “How to….”

  1. Kathleen 07/03/2011 at 6:42 PM #

    You make it sound so easy 😀 (love it too btw)

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