This was my week!

13 Feb

Hey beautiful people,

I hope you’re having a blast, and you enjoyed this sunny sunday!

Last week was really interesting!

Once again, I had the chance to work with the most beautiful, endearing people!

(intermezzo)But let me tell you one thing first: Don’t believe all this nonsense about the fashion- and beauty-bizz, being one big bitchy, superficial world! You choose your compagnons yourself! Give warm energy, and you’ll get warm energy back. And ofcourse, like in every business, you’ll also meet difficult or shallow people here… That’s just something to deal with 😉

So, enough preaching for one day :-).

I was talking about my week….

What was on the agenda?

First of all: a shoot for ‘De Standaard Magazine’ with Boy Kortekaas and famous blogster/styliste Dominique Knotoryus. They wanted a tough streetlook, and so my (obvious) answer was: BRAIDSSSSS! Like tiny ones, Xzibit-kinda-style!

This week I also did some hardcore beautyshopping!! Besides my usual visits at M.A.C, Rituals and Cosmeticary, I rediscovered the shop ‘Parfuma‘. Why I’m mentioning this? Because Parfuma is one of the few shop in Belgium which sells Armani-make-up. Armani-make-up is gentle for the skin and is from great quality!! I especially adore their foundations!! So soft and smooth!

And to end my week in style: Yesterday evening, I did the make-up for the presentationshow for the new parfum of Hugo Boss Orange, organized by P&G, executed by talented miss Elisabeth Ouni! What a stress, what a show, what a joy it was!

Last but nog least–> little cherry on the cake: The edito in Check Out magazine, for which I did make-up&hair! Whoop whoop!

Kiss kiss,



Check Out magazine, photographer: JP Desmedt, styling: Sofie Valkiers, model: Katrina Tee


4 Responses to “This was my week!”

  1. Dominique KNOTORYUS 13/02/2011 at 7:52 PM #

    Behangerslijm, bagels en Damir Doma. Good to go. Love u S!

  2. Sarah 21/02/2011 at 5:03 PM #

    Dat model in de foto’s onder die Hugo Boss reclame… Is dat Shanice Engel?

    Mooi werk btw, ben al even je blog aan het volgen 🙂

    • Sabine Peeters 01/03/2011 at 4:37 PM #

      Yepyep, dat is Shanice 😉

      Superbedankt voor je reactie!

  3. trans forniqueuse 15/04/2014 at 3:27 AM #

    Un boո bravo à l’admin du blog

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