Ready for 2011!!

28 Dec

2010 was a blast, and 2011 is gonna be even cooler!

Beautywise, I predict:

1. Smokey eyes in other colours besides black.

‘Smokey eyes’ is the name for the technique, it doesn’t mean ‘black panda-eyes’. So feel free to use other colours besides black, to work around the eyes. Especially purples and browns are popular!


2. colourblocks

Go crazy on vibrant colours! Blue, green, pink, red, orange,….. You name it!



3. Healthy and natural

For a healthy, natural look, make sure you pay attention to the following points:

– Take care of the eyebrows!

– Don’t use too much foundation! Just put it on the necessary places (around the eyes and nose, on red spots,…)!

– If the skin isn’t too greasy, use a creamblush to create a natural glow.

– Use a pink or soft orange lipstick and just dab it on the lips with your fingers.

-If you don’t want to use lipstick, just take a bit of chapstick or vaseline to moist the lips.



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