handy as hell

3 Dec

Hey you!

It has been a while.

Reason: This girl has moved to the big city (ofcourse I mean Antwerp!). Jaj!

But I did not forget about you, no no no!

In the meantime, I gathered all beautynews!

And to start off, I would like to introduce to you……


–> It is so handy! I received two of these during the pressdays and I had to hand them over to my mother and a friend, because they loved it so much!

So how can you make this work? Take a regular bottle of your favorite parfum. Take off the top of it. Then push the bottom of the travelspray on the bottle of your parfum. After like 10 pushes, your travelspray is filled with your favorite odeur! ❤

Handy as hell!

The travelspray can only be bought @ ICI PARIS XL stores.

Parfumed kisses,





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