27 Nov

As you have noticed in previous posts, i’m a big fan of working for De Standaard Magazine. It is no nonsense, just fun and down-to-earth!

Now, last week they asked me, last minute, to do an evening beauty-shoot with StuBru-radiostar Siska Schoeters.

Ofcourse I wanted to make-up beautiful (and very pregnant) Miss Schoeters!

And so, I ended up at Siska’s (and her hubby’s) place, talking and laughing about make-ups-gone-wrong!

The theme of this week was: Create three flattering looks, and three unflattering ones!

What a blast! Siska even pulled off the most ugly make-ups! That’s my girl!


And because I love you all so much, I have some general tips&tricks for you!

5 DON’T’S:

1. Foundation gone wrong. –> Foundation is created to egalize your skin, not to make yourself look more brown/orange (jak). If you have a dry skin, don’t use powder-ish foundation. Your skin will look cracked.

2. Eyeshadow gone wrong. –> Never use an eyeshadow which has the same colour as your eyes. It will make you look dull. Instead, choose a contrasting colour, which will make your eyes POP!

3. Too much crayon. –> If you put a fat line underneath your eyes, it makes them look smaller. And that’s not something we want, do we? Even worse: Using a black, way too greasy crayon in a big amount. I assure you: After an hour or two (dancing and romancing), it will be all over your cheeks. Not that classy, is it!

4. Too much lipliner. –> It will make your lips look smaller. It’s just unnatural, dirty and ridiculous.

5. Wrong eyebrows. –> Eyebrows define the expression of your face. As I said before in a previous post: Never epilate too much!! Never ever ever! EVER!


5 DO’S:

1. Use an eyelash-curler. –> I know, it looks scary. And it also feels that way. But the effect is amazing! It opens your eyes, and your mascara will have more effect. Note: First eyelash-curler, afterwards apply your mascara.

2. Don’t buy 25 different products (if your not a make-upartist, that means :-)). –> You can do a lot with only one product. For example: With almost every colour of lipstick you can not only do your lips. It can also be used as a crèmeblush or crème eyeshadow!

3. Go hunting for the perfect red lipstick! –> Every woman needs THE perfect red lipstick! It will make you look sensual and sophisticated. Check at the make-upstore which shade of red suits you the best –> It will have a big influence on the colour of your teeth!

4. Don’t forget your eyebrows. –> Tip to keep them in control: Take an old&clean mascara-brush, spray some hairspray on it and comb through your eyebrows. That way, they will stay in the right shape, all day long!

5. Use shimmering on the right places. –> Keep your nose, chin and forehead powdered. But for some extra lightning in your face, you can use a shimmeringpowder or -stick in the inner corner of your eyes, underneed your eyebrows, on your cheekbones, and the V-spot of your upper lip.


Got this?


Time to party!





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