This was last week (2)

22 Nov

Hello you!

What a crazy, cold and misty week it was!

Luckely, I had lots of nice people around me, to warm things up.

First of all, I want to put PURE in the spotlight!

PURE is a totally new press agency in Brussels, runned by famous bloggers (and Elle Style Award-winners) Stijn Verlinden & Tom Tack. You can find them @ Hunting&Collecting Gallery, Rue des Chartreux.

Together with other famous blogger Dominique Knotoryus & friend, I went to say ‘Hi’ last thursday, and I have to say: PURE Agency looks promising!!! Stijn and Tom are perfect hosts and they talk with so much passion about the brands they represent…. Catching! 😉

Coming back on this really soon! (need to test some products ;-))

So, what else happened last week: I had a shoot with Siska Schoeters for De Standaard Magazine, coming out next saturday! Siska is the cutest, and she did a great beauty-job!

I have to say: I love working for De Standaard Magazine! Everyone is so nice to work with, and we get the right amount of liberty to express ourselves.

At the end of my collage, you can see some pictures we (Yves Smal, Linda Van Waesberge, Ellen Van der Plancken and I) also did for DSM, which got published two weeks ago. Love love love those pin-up images!!

Another shoot of last week was for brand Bruphils, along with Yves Smal, and two beautiful models Maaike and Sousou! –> fish-braiding-pic!

Friday was something special: We (Tomas Vandecasteele, styliste Amke Rijkenbarg, model Alice Baton, and I) had the chance to shoot in the famous Metropole Hotel, in Brussels, for our next Attitude-edito! I must say, the ground floor was spectacular!!! It breaths old-robbery-kinda-movie! The pics are gonna be the coolest!

Like last Attitude-serie, by the way, of which I have put pictures in my collage, featuring Gersande Coudyser!

To end this post i would like to warm you up –> big things coming up!!! Big news to announce 😉




One Response to “This was last week (2)”

  1. Dominique KNOTORYUS 23/11/2010 at 12:43 PM #

    love working with you too doll!

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