Get your nails on and party!

18 Nov

Nail art is back.

If you want it or not.

And I don’t mean like a subtle french manicure or a cool dark colouring.

No to that!

This season, we want glitz&glam, we want ghetto-inspired!!! The more fake, the better!

Now, I know, I know…. this isn’t practical, nor classy. But when you’re going out for a cool party, there is nothing wrong with a little flash of colour! You can use nail-stickers, little fake diamonds…. actually you can attach anything what you want to your nails!




You can attach anything 🙂

How cute is this!


Celebrities like Rihanna and Katy Perry are having fun with this new trend, and so can you!

Katy Perry



Lady Gaga

If you don’t like these long, fake nails, you always have the option to go for a glistering nailpolish.

I’m in for that!

Good luck with your nail-creations! 😉


Lots of kisses,





Chanel gold

New Pronails party-polish


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