The Mascara Files – part 1

12 Nov

Hello you gorgeous people!

If you wanna wake up your eyes, you use mascara. It is that simple!

Mascara is the base. The base of the base. The core of your personal make-up.

And because  I want you to get the best out of your beauty, these following weeks, i’m gonna test all kinds of mascara!

With every one of them, i’ll use the same ritual: I curl my eyelashes first, and then I aplly two layers of mascara.

So stay tuned!

The first product i’ve tested, is Volume Million Lashes Mascara, from l’Oréal.

First of all, Volume Million Lashes Mascara looks very luxurious! With it’s shiny, golden exterior, you don’t need to hide it for anyone!

The brush on itself feels a bit unbalanced, as if it’s not perfectly attached to the stick.

But it seperates the eyelashes nicely! And after two layers, my eyes look awake and kinda Bambi-like.

Personally, I prefer a more greasy eyelash-look. But for those who don’t, Volume Million Lashes Mascara is a perfect tool to get your make-up top-class!

Where to buy?

* Kruidvat


*Ici Paris XL



See you next time, for a next edition offfffff ….. The Mascara Files!





One Response to “The Mascara Files – part 1”

  1. Paulien 13/11/2010 at 8:17 PM #

    Ahaa! I like this! Ik weet nooit welke mascara te kiezen… Maar daar gaat dan snel verandering in komen 🙂

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