Shine a light

30 Oct

As a make-upartist, I frequently get the question: “Describe your style, what is typically ‘Sabine’ in your make-up.”

And i always answer:”I love playing with light! By having fun with different textures, and using the right product on the right place on the face.”

my work as MU&H-artist

My work as MU&H-artist

And so here, i reveal to you my favourite shimmering-products:

1. Nars shimmering sticks ‘Copa Cabana’ and ‘Maledives’

2. Guerlain Terracota bronzing powder

3. Shiseido stick blush


Tip: Don’t apply a shimmering stick directly on your face. Use a (clean) finger to take some cream from the stick, test it on your hand, and than put it softly on your cheeckbone  or eye. This way, you can control the amount of sprakling-ness in the face.

Because too much, is too much!

Good luck!


Sweet kiss,



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