Go try, smell the love

28 Oct

We all have our favourite smell.

I personally like the smell of a good meal, when i’m really really hungry.

Or the odeur of an old boyfriend’s t-shirt.

Or my mom’s parfum….

On this parfum-chapter i’m very very picky, though. It’s such an intimate and personal matter! I find it really difficult to stand close to people with the wrong parfum. Headache!!

Now, this time of the year, Rituals is coming up with 8 new senses, 5 for women and 3 for men. And as we know Rituals, they claim to be all natural and organic! Well, I’ve always been a fan of Rituals-senses, so to all the people out there: This might just be a perfect X-mas present!



39,90 euro (50 ml)

39,90 euro (50 ml)

39,90 euro (50 ml)



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