Modo Brussels

23 Oct

Brussels’ fashion is a world on its own.

And there’s no better way to enter that world, than visiting  ‘Modo Brussels’!

This event is used to be named ‘Modo Bruxellae’, but for its 10th anniversary they decided to change the name to  ‘Parcours Modo‘. It once was formed with the purpose to give young new talent a chance to show their talents. Which I respect so much!

During this weekend, more than 50 participants create a real ‘parcours’ through fashionable Brussels, by showing their special projects on variable places in the city.  And let me tell you…you see some strange things passing by 🙂

My favorite exhibition is the one at Atelier Coppens, called ‘The Believers’, which is organised by former MTV UK – VJ

Javier Barcala. Javier shows his view on the future, by creating the most unbelievable shortfilm. In this clip, you can see amazing make-upcreations and accessories flashing by, on some real dramatical sounds! Breathtaking! Ofcourse I am slightly subjective, because my close friend Elisabeth Ouni is featured in this clip. 🙂 (you rocked it, girl!)

So, what to do on a lonely, lazy, depressing sunday? Let young fashiontalent colour you up, and visit ‘Parcours Modo’! It will be worth it!

kiss on the cheeck,





The Believers

The Believers

The Believers, with trooper Elisabeth Ouni

@ The Believers

Girls from Omsk

Girls from Omsk

Girls from omsk, with yet again our rising star Elisabeth Ouni

yum yum, gimme sum

Yum yum, gimme sum

Lovely Julie (right) and I

The coolest hairdo


Vote now! Vote The Believers!


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