16 Oct

Once upon a time,

I was shooting in Tallinn, for Avenüü Magazine….

Remember these images? (taken by photographer Walter Ego)

And damned, it was such a blast! Tallinn is an amazing city! So young and vibrant!

Now, on one of these estonian evenings I went shopping in the nearby shoppingcenter, and there….. I had my first date with ‘Make Up Store‘…. It was so colourful and intens, that the memory of our togetherness had always stayed on my mind… But we didn’t have the chance to meet again…

And so…three years went by…

On a average friday afternoon I was visiting my dearest International Magazine Store in Antwerp, and a strange magazine named ‘M’ Magazine (or Make up Store Magazine), caught my eyes. Yet again, it was like love at first sight. Finally Make Up Store invaded our small country!!! Hooray!!


So, what are the characteristics of M Magazine?

– It’s appearing every three months.

– It contains lots and lots of photoshoots. Mostly beauty-shoots, with a love for colour and fake eyelashes. Sometimes over the top with bad bad postproduction, sometimes delightfully eccentric.

– It gives you tips and tricks on black skin-make-ups, on how to do your eyebrows, on skincare for men and women,…

– It’s a perfect display for the newest products and accessories (!!!! love these !!!!) from Make Up Store.

– You can find interesting interviews with make-upartists, all over the world.

– …

Points to work on:

– Better postproduction

– More quality paper

– Skipping the kitsch


But, in the end, it’s worth while paying for!

And they lived happily ever after….


….. The End……




the cover of this season's M Magazine

What I don't like.


What I don't like.








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