Make me smile

13 Oct

In times of sorrow, I need to smile.

And my kinda smile does not have perfectly-formed, overly-bleached teeth.

I am a flaws-lover, yes sir! Give me gap-teethed looks, and I’m head over heels!

And it seems that I’m not the only one; already in the seventies, actress Lauren Hutton was celebrated for her natural, vivant, unique look, with the most beautiful gap-teethed smile!

Nowadays we all know beauties like Lara Stone and Vanessa Paradis, who embrace their ‘flaw’. Even more, they partly owe their fame to their uniqueness!

So what have we learned today:

1. Always smile, even when you have a hard time.

2. Embrace your flaws.

3. Book gap-teethed models, they rule the world!

kisses full of love,



Lauren Hutton



Vanessa Paradis



Lara Stone



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