Asian invasion

11 Oct

There is no escape.

The asian invasion has taken over modelworld!

And what is there not to like about asian beauty: Beautiful hair, flawless pale skin, nicely shaped eyebrows, and oh my god…. Those lips… So lucious it is almost illegal!

The most succesful asian model at this very moment is the chinese Liu Wen. We’re talking Chanel-runway-Vogue-editorial-kinda-succesful! She is even the first chinese girl ever who has signed the big Estée Lauder-contract! Congrats to that!

Also in Belgium we have our favourite eastern girl: Nai-Sam (@ Newmodels). This fierce looking lady can win your heart in a split second!


Which we (Lisa Lapauw, Yves Smal and I) experienced exàctly while shooting her, last friday!


Nai-Sam backstage


Do it eastern style!




One Response to “Asian invasion”

  1. Paulien 11/10/2010 at 9:03 PM #

    Oeeef, Nai-Sam is looking hot!

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