Get your eyebrow right!

9 Oct

Eyebrows are my biggest obsession. I have to admit.

I can’t even watch a movie, if the leading lady has terrible eyebrows.

Yep, it’s that bad!

And don’t get me wrong, eyebrows don’t have to be perfectly depilated at all times. I prefer a natural, almost-non-plucked version to an eyebrow which only looks like a thin line.

I just would like to make everyone clear that eyebrows change your whole face, they set your expression! It is not to take lightly!

Amen to that! ūüėČ

So here are a couple of eyebrow do’s&don’ts:


– Take a good look at your own face. It’s important to know your face, and to know the natural implantation of your eyebrow.

– Bring your eyebrow in shape with a eyebrowbrush, or even a toothbrush!

– Buy a really good pair of tweezers (for exemple ¬†from ‘Tweezerman’), preferably with a diagonal point. You can find these in a pharmacy or beautyshop.

– If this is the first time you want to pluck your eyebrows, it is better to go to a beautyspecialist. Make sure it is someone with a lot of experience!

– If you want to do it yourself, you’d better start easy. ¬†Pluck a few hairs and take a good look again. Continue this untill you have your perfect shape.


beautiful shaped eyebrow


– Put some calming cream on the skin afterwords. My favourite is ‘Skin Recovery Cream’ from Av√®ne. ¬†And wait a couple of hours before you put on make up. You never know how your skin is gonna react.


Skin Recovery Cream, Avène



– Don’t let a friend pluck your eyebrows. It starts with having fun and laughing around. But it usually ends in a distaster, eyebrow-wise.

– Don’t pluck too much between the eyebrows. This really determines your expression. If you take too much away, you’ll end up with a permanent sad expression. Not cool!

-Don’t try to recreate your eyebrowshape by plucking the tiny hairs above your eyebrow. It will make you look totally unnatural and it usually creates holes.


Wrong shape!!!!


– and please please PLEASE don’t depilate too much! Really!

In the name of beauty!!

lots of kisses,



My favourite pair of eyebrows, from our belgian topmodel Anouck Lepère



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